Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I had fun yesterday morning on Good Morning Wales. I really love doing the papers for Radio Wales and both Bethan and Rhun are good to me as interviewers. Rhun keeps trying to get a comment from me about the All Wales Convention thing. That's his job - but I'm not going to give in!!!

For once, I seemed to understand why Wales did so badly. People who know about football agreed with me. We have Germany tomorrow and I am dreading it.

We really, really need a good result

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bad Sporting Days

These past eight days have been terrible for Welsh rugby and football fans. Yesterday, I was one of the 22,000 fans in Cardiff's Millennium Stadium who saw a young but poor Wales crash out of the World Cup to Finland. I have had some low points watching Wales. Yesterday was one of the worst.

Like most fans there yesterday I just could not understand why the Welsh team played the way they did with one player up front and I feel for Craig Bellamy in particular. He ran his heart out but had no-one to feed him the ball. He was on to a hiding to nothing and nothing is what we got.

Perhaps the time has come for a managerial change. I'm not jumping to that conclusion just yet. I'll be going to the Germany match on Wednesday and I wish Wales well. Another really bad result however and I may join the growing number of fans who will crave a managerial change.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Grand Slam Ireland

Many congratulations to Ireland for a well deserved Grand Slam. I was there and thoroughly enjoyed the good Irish company - great fun. I hope that the Welsh team will learn lessons for next time around.

Sad about Manchester United yet again. Gutted!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Humble Weekend

I'm told that it is sometimes good to be humble. It can be overdone however.

I congratulate Liverpool on their win over Manchester United and the Italians played well against Wales. We will now have to beat Ireland by a good points margin next week. Time will tell. Ireland will be dying for a Grand Slam.

This weekend, I'm feeling humble. Never mind!