Saturday, 11 July 2009

Wierd Faith Day and Torchwood

I had to go back to work to do two things today. I had promised to send a report to a colleague about what Cytun does with inter-faith things. That, I thought, required underlining Christian witness. I enjoyed that and prayed about it a lot.

Nothing matters more to me than my faith in Christ and witnessing to that faith. Sometimes though, doing church things gets me down. So much seems to have so little to do with Christ.

Then, I went to Community House, Eton Road Newport in the afternoon. The place was teaming with people from all sorts of faiths - just being community. It was just great and such a blessing and an encouragement. Well done everyone there for your fantastic work. That, I thought required underlining the brilliant inter-faith work Churches do. I prayed about that a lot too.

Some days, I wonder what God is trying to tell me. Sometimes, the dividing line between despairing of the church and celebrating it is so thin.

I felt sad last night after watching the last episode of (made in Wales) Torchwood. It was brilliant but so, so sad. Captain Jack had to sacrifice his grandson to save the world's children. What a choice?

Then I thought about church again. God gave his only son to atone for it. If God loves it that much, then so should I perhaps.


Stonemason. said...

Can those communities lost to poor SATS results, lost to a culture of hopelessness, be energised to become part of wider society.

Sacrificing our children on the pyre of political expediency seems to have become the norm for humanity, one day we might say enough.

Marilyn said...

I am thrilled that Aled was able to be at our 'Celebration of Diversity' yesterday, on the 40th Anniversary of Community House.
The place was, indeed, buzzing and it is important to realise that most of the people who were there are day-to-day users of Community House. Although they are not usually all there at the same time!
Can I take this opportunity to say how please I am that Imam Saeed Ali Jawad, who is the youngest Imam in the UK and was brought up in Newport came and played a very active part in the proceeding, speaking up very eloquently for the importance of different faiths working together.
He is the first Newport Imam to take an active interest in our work and this, we gives us great hope for the future.
We have just set up as a Limited Company and Abdalla Yassin Mohammed OBE has joined us as one of our trustees. We are thrilled!
We could always make good relationships with Muslim women. They see Community House as a safe place to be. Now we are hopeful that the men will also engage with us.
Marilyn Priday (Inter Faith Development Worker for Community House and Presbyterian Church of Wales)

Aled Edwards said...

Hi Stonemason - Thanks for the blog once again. I have lots of concerns for the young. I am much more positive about community. Some communities are fantastic but have not yet been embraced by 'wider society'. My visit yesterday to Community House brought me into contact with a fantastic but different community. It's such a beacon of hope.

Good to hear from you Marilyn. You are very much in my prayers and I thank God for you. Dr Abdallah is a great man. He will serve the company well.