Friday, 23 October 2009

Newport Vigil

Tonight was great and I am so proud of Newport. The city's faith leaders and politicians stood together against racism. My lasting memory will be the sight of everyone raising their Welsh flags to affirm a welcoming nation where we can enjoy our distinctiveness but remain equally Welsh - a patriotism without racism.

Well done...


Marilyn said...

Yes, Aled it was quite a remarkable event. One lady said it was just like going to a big birthday party where you met all your friends and those you had ever worked with. Of course there were a lot of professional people there, as well as faith leaders, but for me the achievement was that three of my Muslim friends, a women with her two daughters-in-law, were also there. It was a really big thing for them to attend - and they did as did many more Christians and Muslims in solidarity with one another.

Aled Edwards said...

I so agree.