Sunday, 3 January 2010

So it's not a lucky shirt then...

I set out to be good today. It almost worked.

Things began well. I went to church in Pontypridd for the early Communion. It was good to be with friends and I always enjoy services that don't have hymns.

I enjoy reading some of the Sunday Times on Sunday mornings these days. It's one of those things that I'll do for a while.

Back home, I put the Christmas decorations in the attic and I got ready for the match. I went down to the gym proudly wearing my Manchester United shirt. I was the only one in the gym to be so bold. I learnt two years ago that a good way to deal with the weight thing is to exercise as United play. I got rid of 800 calories over two hours. That was good.

At half time I met a friend from the Muslim community. He doesn't support United but noticed the shirt. We spoke briefly about how to deal with the Abdulmutallab thing - and the reaction to it. Someone from the gym walked past. He probably didn't expect someone wearing a Manchester United shirt and a Muslim on a training bike to sort some of the world's problems out. That's a little sad. Talking always helps.

Manchester United lost 0:1 to Leeds United. That wasn't good. We are no longer in the FA Cup. I like my shirt, but wearing it didn't get off to a good start.

The football thing matters but not that much. I'm more worried about the endless conversations about the Muslim community and radicalisation in the papers today. I hope and pray that the mainstream Muslim community will be heard by the radicals. Getting the mainstream to shout loudly at the likes of Abdulmutallab won't do much good. Finding a way to hold conversations that prevent radicalisation is vital but becoming far more difficult. Got to keep trying though...

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