Tuesday, 24 June 2008


The talk in the gym was fun this morning. After playing football last Thursday night one of my gym friends has given me a new name - 'Chopper'.

The truth of it is I did foul a mutual friend quite badly that night. It's OK though - I didn't mean to do it. I did explain to them both today that the last time I played football seriously I broke my godson's arm. He's OK about it now.

My latest victim is of a view that his solicitors could take a case against me. I don't know where he could carry his case. He's still limping a bit.

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Marcus G said...

"He's OK about it now."

Who is? Your godson? But how long ago was this??? And how soon after the baptism was this?

You could always offer the solicitor a fair fight... Or threaten to baptise him...