Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Darren Fletcher is Innocent

Tonight, I will remember the name Resotti more than the fact that Manchester United played brilliantly to beat Arsenal 1:3. Ronaldo was just fantastic.

Sometimes, it's difficult not to think that top sport is run by fools. Surely, when everyone saw that poor Darren Fletcher had got the ball rather than the player, it's OK to have an appeal and go "Oops sorry, I got that one wrong!". Mr Resotti, the Ref, just got it wrong when he gave Fletcher the red card.

Darren Fletcher is innocent! He should be allowed to play in what would have been the most important game of his career.

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Marcus G said...

I hope that his card is rescinded; the UEFA official at the match was, after all, Hugh Dallas - from Scotland.

But if not, perhaps it will spur his team mates on, if they needed it, to win for Darren in Rome.

Oh my though, it was glorious, to see the rout at the Emirates. "Fly Emirates" say the ads, and they did, a soaring free kick and a sound-barrier-breaking third goal from back to front, from corner to goal. And then the Arsenal "faithful" flew the Emirates, leaving a mostly empty stadium to witness the last quarter of the match. I have never seen so many empty seats at a live game.

Come on Barca!