Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cardiff Blues

This morning I played at home. I decided that because I wasn't preaching anywhere that I would go to Saint Catherine's, Pontypridd. Marcus the Vicar spoke of fasting and giving things up. Both of us agreed after the service that we would give up watching Manchester United on Thursdays.

During the afternoon I went with my eldest son to tender our support for Cardiff Blues during the game against Leicester Tigers. For the first time ever in my rugby experience the tie had to go down to penalty kicks. It was entertaining but nerve racking.

I feel desperately sorry for one of my great heroes, Martyn Williams, who missed the decisive kick. I guess he won't be kicking penalties and conversions for the Lions in South Africa. All the Cardiff fans got the blues as did their adoptive brothers and sisters from Scarlets and Ospreys who were there to do the decent Welsh thing.

To top it all, Cardiff City failed to reach the play-offs. All in all, it wasn't a good day for Cardiff.


Manchester United never play on Thursdays!

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