Sunday, 9 March 2008

Triple Crown

Thursday and Friday was all about getting nervous for the Irish trip. I didn't sleep much on Friday night and sped off to Bristol in good time. There, the Welsh rugby army was gathering.

The flight to Dublin was choppy. It was all about too much wind.

During the game I was able to help some friends from Cardiff with the singing. The Irish seemed to appreciate all the help that we gave with the anthems and the Fields of Athenry.

Towards the end of the game some of my friends let it be known that I was a minister of religion. I wasn't dressed like one and I certainly didn't behave like one. The only clue I was willing to give was a discernment: Shane Williams is really an angel but not many people are supposed to know.

On the way out of Corke Park the Welsh crowd in one tunnel began to sing I Bob Un Sy'n Ffyddlon. I explained to an Irish fan that the song was all about crowns in heaven. He took it well.

I arrived back home safe for church this morning. I didn't like to see Manchester United being knocked out of the cup but a Triple Crown made up for it.

Saturday was just brilliant and more brilliant. Next Saturday will be even better - I hope.

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