Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saint John Roberts of Trawsfynydd

For someone from Trawsfynydd this was a special day. It was a blessing to join Wales' Catholic community in Saint Teilo's Church in Saint Fagan's folk museum. The mass was said in Welsh and formed part of the celebrations to commemorate Saint John Roberts from Trawsfynydd. He was executed some 400 years ago around the gunpowder plot.

I was told today by a leading Welsh academic with connections with Trawsfynydd that some families in the area didn't mark 5th November because of the local boy's death. I can't remember it ever stopping me though.

I was devastated to hear on returning home that Manchester United were losing 2:0 against Spurs. The eventual 5:2 was brilliant though. We are on the way to being Champions.


Marcus G said...

Watched the United game here in Florida. At half time my sister said - that's not good. No worries, I replied, we'll win 4-2. As it turned out, that was too conservative a prediction! My nephew & his friend had much merriment from my interaction with the TV.

Aled Edwards said...

I listened to the second half on radio. It looked good on that too.

Marcus G said...

Do check my blog. A nice photo of celebrating United players, and a great one of a desperately shocked Liverpudlian. And thanks for being at St Caths this morning!