Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Trousers in Church

A male friend asked a sensitive question today. Would a certain church be offended if a lady wore trousers during a service? The question gets 10 out of 10 for sensitivity. My guess is that most churches would have been more bothered if he wore a skirt!


Anonymous said...

There is a website called Can I Wear, or something similar, which is a kind of 'Church advertising' website (if such a thing exists).

It poses numerous theological questions to the church, such as "can I wear jeans?", with the purose of aiding people in their search for their perfect congregation.

Aled Edwards said...

Interesting Blog Mark. I enjoyed your paradoxes. That's the way God made us! I live in the fear of finding a perfect Church

Anonymous said...

I wise man once said:

"I could never be part of a perfect church; because whatever church I am part of, will have me as a part of it."

I've missed you the last couple of times you have led at st Catherine's Pontypridd, hopefully you will be back before I leave Wales.

Luke Ellis said...

I feel certain that your questioner was very thankful for your wise and learned advise Rev Edwards!

Every blessing,