Monday, 29 October 2007

On His Mother's Shoulders

My affections for whales didn't last that long. Cape Town was the place to be today.

The Bokke came to town to celebrate their well deserved victory. What a fantastic day! My more than understanding wife agreed to me staying in Cape Town while she went to see some whales. I had the time of my life enjoying another nation's joy in front of the place Nelson Mandela spoke to the crowds shortly after his release in 1990.

Cape Town's Parade was jam packed today as well. Being magnanimous in defeat I thought I would honour our guests by wearing my Bokke T-shirt.

The taxi driver outside the players' hotel knew that the team would be playing Wales in a month. He was fairly confident that South Africa would win. So am I.

My lasting memory of the day was being able to hold a small South African boy on my shoulders so that he could see the team. Both he and his mother appreciated the offer. On such a day it was a considerable honour.

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