Monday, 15 October 2007


Following a good staff meeting in the morning and a mad chase to complete a Big Lottery form for DPIA, I had my first Equalities and Human Rights Commission Wales Committee meeting. I was impressed by my new colleagues.

I enjoy public service and being on this particular statutory body will do me a lot of good. I hope that we will deliver on people's aspirations rather than their fears. Today was a good start.

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John said...

I applaud the purpose and objectives of the CEHR, but why is there no Welsh language support on the website?

Surely the CEHR has an obligation under the Welsh Language Act, not to mention a moral obligation under its remit and its position with regard other organisations such as Thomas Cook?

The 'technical difficulties' argument is hard to digest since there doesn't seem to have been any problem with the English content? Wouldn't it have been prudent to ask whoever designed the site for you to include the Welsh language as part of the site rather than as an afterthought?

Again, apologies for hijacking your blog with this, please do moderate this posting and not publish it. But, it would be helpful if the CEHR could explain its rationale for this action.