Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Everything is Different but Just the Same

This hotel is good but it doesn't have a gym. I therefore went on an early brisk walk through Knysna to burn off some calories.

Walking down the high street I noticed a man foraging through the bins. That happens on Queen Street in Cardiff as well. Here the man is black: in Cardiff he's white.

Knysna is tidy and booming. We spent the afternoon on a boat having a fantastic sea food lunch. In the distance, literally on top of one of the hills, I observed a township through my wife's binoculars.

The guide on the boat stood in the right place to receive our tips. It's the custom here. The youngster on the street corner later during the day stood in the right place to beg for money. Apparently, it too is the custom here.

This place has it's own Penrhys estate on its hilltop. Through binoculars I observed a community impoverished but proud. Getting there wasn't on any of the information centre's brochures.

The day ended with a brilliant thunder storm. The little boy in me likes such things - even on a SAGA holiday. It light up the sky above the hilltop with its sheer energy.

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