Thursday, 24 January 2008


I arrived back late last night and slept a little late this morning. It was then a bit of a rush to get everything sorted out for the Cytun Board meeting. All in all it went well.

I'm on my way now to a prayer meeting come vigil for Ama. There won't be many there but the good folk at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cardiff have opened their building to us. There was a bit of a cue of those who didn't or couldn't. Sometimes I'm encouraged by churches: sometimes I'm not.


Greg Lewis said...

Hi Aled
Good to see your blog.

Have been following the Veneera Aliyeva situation in my Big Issue column and blog.
Thought Cytun's support of Ama has been excellent - have mentioned it in Morning Star column next Monday.


Aled Edwards said...

Thanks Greg it's really appreciated - I'll chase up the Morning Star on Monday. Keep the good work up.