Friday, 11 January 2008

Catching Up

Tuesday was great. I met with some colleagues - reformed ministers - down in the Bay to talk about identity. It was just great to see some old friends. It was really good to see my old 'partner in crime' from Scotland, the Reverend Graham Blount. He's the Scottish Churches' Parliamentary Officer.

A good piece of Wednesday went the way of the BBC to cover the story of a woman from Ghana who is seriously ill. She was returned by force to and may well die if she has no dialysis treatment. It wasn't a deportation - just a removal!

Thursday was a source of huge encouragement. I visited the RNIB to discuss future plans to have the New Testament in Braille. It was good to be in such a focused environment. Doing a recording of All Things Considered was really good fun. It will be put out on Sunday on Radio Wales.

Friday was all about work. Enough said!

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