Thursday, 21 February 2008

A Quick Week

This working week has felt like a day.

Monday was almost all about work and our Human Resources Committee. Early in the moring however I did a piece on Good Morning Wales about football crowd chants being anti English. Me - never!!

Tuesday was about a meeting of the UK Faith Communities Consultative Council in London. It was a long day and Paddington can be cold.

I got confused again on Wednesday. There was an after work meeting of the Wales Committee of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in the Assembly. It was in Crickhowell House in Cardiff Bay. Unfortunately, I had just put Crickhowell in my diary. It's a nice place to vistit! Fortunately I cottoned on where I was supposed to be going to in time.

During Wednesday evening I was thrilled to see Manchester United get a 1:1 draw in the Champions League. It made Thursday's work meetings all the better!

Tomorrow - that's Friday - will be all about getting ready for the Italy match. What joy!

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