Thursday, 28 February 2008


On Sunday afternoon, for the first time ever, I was asked by a ICM pollster how I would vote. I was consequently one of the 49% who said that I would vote for having a Scottish-style parliament in Wales. That figure has risen by 2% since last June.

For me, it was also good news that 61% believe that the Assembly should have the greater influence on how Wales is governed. For pro devolutionists like me, all the figures are going the right way. That's a good reason however for not having a referendum too soon and certainly not by 2011.

I am very much of the view that the process should be allowed to grow naturally and that the people of Wales should only be asked to give their consent to another constitutional change if a clear consensus has emerged. At 49% to 42% that consensus has not emerged yet.

That's my personal view and I stated it. But, if there was a referendum tomorrow, I would give the 'yes campaign' my more than fullest support.

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