Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Barking Sermon

The bank holiday was fun - except for Chelsea beating Newcastle United. Manchester United will now have to wait until next Sunday to be crowned champions.

Last Sunday, I went to preach in a lovely Presbyterian Church outside of Cardiff. For the first time in my entire ministry, I had to compete with a dog in the congregation. The dog was there for a good purpose though. It was being brought into human company as part of its training as a guide dog. I thought that was fantastic and was thrilled that he had listened so well to one of my sermons.

There is a really bad joke (that I shouldn't write down in my Blog) about an agnostic with a bad spelling problem who didn't know if he believed in 'dog' or not.

This one was real and I have every confidence in him. He took me gently by the hand and went a polite uch! Not only was the dog real. It was also discerning.