Thursday, 8 May 2008

Rhondda Heritage Park

I had a really good day today with our Cytun staff team in the Rhondda Heritage Park. The mines, thank God, are closed now.

I love living in the Valleys with Valleys people. They are kind to strangers from north Wales. Working with good colleagues and friends in such places also makes life even better. It was a lovely day today.

I was kept going all day by my new passion for Cola Zero - as opposed to Diet Coke - and Maltesers (only 190 calories per pack). Between them they provide me with enough Es to help me survive the day on my diet. I need lots of Es.

Rhodri Morgan told me the other night that he had lost over three stones. That's really good and I wish him well. I have lost now two stones and four pounds since Christmas. That's OK.

These days, we laugh a lot at Cytun as we do some serious work for God. I think God prefers laughing to being serious. If he doesn't, I'm in deep.... something other than a mine!

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