Sunday, 11 May 2008

I Caught a Shark

I don't know whether I am supposed to or not as a father, but I really really enjoyed my eldest son's stag weekend.
We all went down to Tenby to do some fishing. My youngest son caught a ray which started things off well. My eldest then revealed that various expressions of enjoyment and wobbly boats don't always go well together. Then, I caught a galeorhinus galeus or a tope, or if I want to make it sound really good - a shark.
Going out on a boat in Tenby to fish is just brilliant. Catching a shark really made my day. I needed help to get it in and that added to the fun. Then I enjoyed a real boys barbecue. That is a barbecue without salad or vegetables. Oh no - that isn't quite true - we had crisps and pringles.
We also had beer. I was within the limits required for driving and being on wobbly boats. My clutch cable broke on the way back near Pont Abraham Service Station but I didn't care. I'd caught a shark. I also got a signed portrait of Shane Williams on the way down. This is heaven!

P.S. - I did put it back - that is, the shark.


Neil Welton said...

There is something very fishy here and it ain't fish and chips.

You were in west Wales.

Sure it wasn't Flipper - as opposed to Jaws?

Aled Edwards said...

I will soon produce evidence for the unbelieving.