Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I Like Herod

I cleared a lot of stuff at the office today and suffered a bout of pre-Christmas depression. Perhaps the grumpy old man is beginning to be more strident in me.

This week,I made the mistake of telling someone in the Children's Commissioner's Office that I like Herod. He's my favourite character in the nativity story. Probably that wasn't a good idea.

Coincidentally, somebody from the Western Mail rang for a quote about what the new Commissioner for older people should do. I don't know why he asked me - I'm only 52.


Daran said...

You can join Saga at 50 Aled - entirely appropriate to ask you such a question ;)

Aled Edwards said...

Thanks Darran - you are quite right of curse.

Well don on the competition on Dau o'r Bae - Brilliant. With all those names I am just pleased that I didn't have to marry or baptise Jonathan Morgan!!!