Monday, 17 December 2007

Sunday..Monday..Rowan Williams...

I cooked on Sunday and went to Saint Margaret's Church Roath for the Lord Mayor of Cardiff's Carol service. I really enjoyed it and got a chance to put on my brand new overcoat. It's warm.

On Monday I went to the office before being interviewed by Gwilym Owen of BBC Radio Cymru about faith in Wales during 2007. He's a robust journalist.

He once wrote in his corner piece in a Welsh magazine that I was like an ostrich with my head in the sand with my back side farting in the wind. For some reason I remember the quote. At least one part of my anatomy was in the right place!!!

I went to London then for the launch of Communities and Local Government's own interfaith consultation "Face too Face and Side by Side". They forgot about Wales and Scotland and pretended once again that England is Britain.

It was really good to talk, however briefly, with Rowan Williams again. We just got to wish each other a Nadolig Llawen (Happy Christmas). I continue to pray for him.

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