Saturday, 1 December 2007

World Aids Day

After spending most of Friday doing tedious office work from home, today was a pleasant change. I attended a deeply moving event in Cardiff.

This afternoon's World Aids Day service at the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay was indeed deeply moving. Christian Aid had done the churches proud. It was very well led by Aled Pickard and his colleagues.

All the speakers, readers and contributors were on form: Rosemary Butler AM; Jack Davies; Wyn Davies; Geraint Lewis; Fatima Koshokova; Monica Mills; J.P.Heath (video) and Sue - a HIV positive person. She was heard!

Dafydd Frayling from Terrence Higgins Trust Cymru spoke eloquently both in English and Welsh. His words had a deep effect on me.

It was just a personal thing for me this afternoon. Dafydd's contribution had the greatest effect on me simply because he reminded everyone, and me in particular, how appallingly some early HIV victims were treated during the eighties in north Wales. I was there and caught some of the early irrational fear. I remember one of the lay preachers in my own church describing AIDS as God's punishment on homosexuals. He said so from my church's pulpit.

If that were ever the case with God, I dread to think what sort of illness he has in store for a sinner such as me. God isn't like that - thank God!. It was significant today that the biblical interpretations had changed so much with a clear and piercing reading of Matthew 25: 31-46: "I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me."

I didn't know before that Terrence Higgins had Welsh roots. I know now! Thanks Dafydd and every blessing with your good work.

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Dafydd said...

Diolch, Aled am y ganmoliaeth hael! Thanks for your very positive comments.