Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Its' OK to Call Christmas: Christmas!

I really enjoyed this morning at the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay talking through the possibility of producing the Welsh Bible in braille. I really hope it comes about.

I got called in to the BBC's Good Evening Wales tonight to talk about the Bishop of Saint David's comments on how being PC has deprived us all of Christmas. I was pitched against a gentleman from the Secular Society. He was OK and I agreed with some of the things he said.

I just wish people would stop blaming other faith groups for changing our Christmas. It just isn't so. The problem rests with people who have had the needle of their old records stuck in the early sixties where equalities are concerned. They haven't moved on in the diversity world.

It's not OK to use language to abuse people because of their gender, race, faith, disability, sexual orientation or age but it's blooming OK to call Christmas: Christmas!

Just put Winter Festivals in the bin. Who wants to celebrate being cold, dark and miserable?

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