Monday, 14 July 2008

"Don't let them get into your head"

Today I enjoyed a really good morning session in the gym where I didn't think at all for a while running all those calories off and watching six TVs at the same time. I don't quite remember now what or who made me think about Hannibal Lecter and Silence of the Lambs but he did come to mind. Generally, it's better not to think about eating in the gym.

The American election thing in The Guardian pleased me a lot as someone reviewed the newspapers on Sky News. It was good to read that Britain is backing Obama by a margin of 5:1 over McCain. That's good news for me as an Obama supporter but the poll may have little impact on American voters. I don't know whether Americans will appreciate Brits telling them how to think or vote. Perhaps we Brits shouldn't try getting into their American heads either.

Here in Wales, a little later, my mind was set on thinking about another possible vote. I joined colleagues for the first meeting of the executive committee of the All Wales Convention in Cardiff. It takes my breath away to think that I am one of those charged with the responsibility of testing the political waters concerning holding a referendum on granting the National Assembly for Wales full law making powers.

I was reminded this afternoon of something Tony Blair said to a whole gaggle of faith leaders a few years ago at a major faith event in London. I was there. He said at the time that one of the things he found most difficult about the press was reading - through the pen of others - what he was supposed to be thinking. That's scary! He objected to people claiming to have got into his head.

To help me make my mind up about the referendum thing, please don't try to get into my head just yet. I would invite you instead to register your vote on my little personal and very unscientific blog opinion poll. I'll keep it up there for a while. At least that way I'll know what people who read my blog are thinking. I would find an Obama style 5:1 margin convincing - one way or another - but very surprising. Go on - indulge me!

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