Friday, 11 July 2008

Special Visitors

I had to stop and think today in the Senedd building as I enjoyed the fellowship of Anglican bishops from California, Australia and Latin America. A couple of bishops' wives also added to the fun and joy of the day. Their fellowship blessed the day greatly.

Today reminded me of why I enjoy my work so much sometimes and continue to talk for Wales whenever anyone visits the home of modern Welsh democracy. Our vulnerable and sometimes reluctant act of nation building still fills me with joy. I was reminded that its very vulnerability may be a means of giving it the breath of life.

Young Welsh people were rehearsing a piece on the theme of war in the Senedd as we were leaving. It was a strange experience standing next to a bishop from California listening to the acquired American accent of a young Welsh actor from Barry.

It went well and I could translate the Welsh parts of the piece to Bishop Marc of California. I think he got the message that George Bush wasn't liked a great deal in the Barry presentation - whatever the quality of the accent. I don't think he was troubled by the sentiment.

It was like being in my own little heaven today talking about Welsh politics, the West Wing, the Obama campaign and recent political developments in Australia. I'd just like to say at the end of a busy afternoon "Thank you God for a really great day."

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