Sunday, 20 July 2008

Second Day - Home Alone

I got a bit worried earlier on. I thought that one of the fish wasn't very well. But, I decided that it just looked that way anyway. Never mind, it soon piked up after I had fed it. The dog is also OK and enjoyed the walk as well as the feeding. Today, I enjoyed their company.

This morning I got up very late and decided that God had a hand in it and wanted me to go to the 11.00 a.m. service in Saint Catherine's in Pontypridd instead of the early morning service. I am really pleased I went when I did. Marcus, the Vicar, was on form about the Christian family (especially the Lambeth Conference sort of family). It said a lot of things to me as an Anglican and as a father about family and getting on. It was a real blessing.

Going to church also made me feel better about cutting the grass. I found the grace to do the grass. I also did lots of washing. All the clothes are OK and are still the colours they used to be. I didn't feed any of the coloured items to the whites - or the other way around.

I didn't get round to going to the gym after all. So I had to resort to having a go on Kirsty the cross trainer at home. That was also OK as well but I'm going to the gym for a big last minute session tomorrow. I don't care what needs doing in the garden. Life is all about giving and taking and getting on with differences.


Marcus G said...

It was a real blessing to have you there - it always is! Have a great week, and enjoy the trip when you get away!

I was just getting slightly worried earlier that when you said had fed the fish, you had fed it to the dog...

kirsty said...

Hi I found your blog.
Kirsty - the cross trainer?1?!
Kirsty (st caths)

Aled Edwards said...

Hi - good to make blog contact. Alas, Argos do sell cross trainers called Kirsty. It does all sorts of fantastic things around getting us all fit. The name is stuck to the machine!!!!

Anonymous said...

And Marcus has not long posted an unashamed blog about his family, how apt.

Reminds me why I miss Wales