Sunday, 20 July 2008

Home Alone on the Wedding Weekend

I'm all alone with the dog and the fish tonight after taking my son and almost a daughter in law to Bristol airport. On Thursday - I'll stop being almost a father in law. I'm really, really, really looking forward to the next few days.

We have made the journey to Bristol Airport often over the past few months and talked a lot on the way. The talking has been good but it's not helped me with my problem with casual driving. I drift and dawdle apparently. It's just other people who notice.

On the way back to Pontypridd tonight I thought about the wedding homily and must have dawdled some more.

Tonight, I'm home alone looking forward to spending all week on family things. It will be good and I am feeling that warm tingle of excitement as everyone else has already gone over to Ireland. For the time being, the dog and I and the fish are OK.

My longstanding daughter just sent me a text to remind me about feeding the dog and the fish. She presumed that I would be Ok with the feeding bit for me. I have to do some really important things over the next few days like feed the dog, the fish and me. I did wonder for a little while tonight if I left them alone for long enough if the fish and the dog would eat each other. They wouldn't.

I shouldn't I know, but after reaching my target weight this week - and bragging about it before the whole Welsh speaking nation on Radio Cymru's Sian Thomas programme with an old friend Catrin Manel from London - I over indulged myself tonight and shared a pizza with the dog. She liked it. I'm not so sure about the fish though...

Tomorrow, if it's fine, I'll cut the grass and go to the gym and to church. I like going to the gym and I readily rejoice for those who - for a set of reasons I can't begin to understand why - will know what a good day in the garden looks like.

In the background, lots of things are happening. I'm still plotting around my intention to go over to the US for the Fall elections and enjoy observing the Obama campaign. I haven't got there yet but I will. Obama is doing well in the polls. He's even just in the lead in Virginia by 1%. That's good - unless you are McCain of course. Overall he has a 4.2% lead.

A good politician and promoter of the Welsh language, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, lost his job as a Welsh Assembly Government minister this week for - amongst other things - taking a lit cigar into a pub. Welsh politics are weird. Today, the leader of the opposition said that it wasn't a resigning issue. That was kind. I also wish Rhodri well for the future and thank him for his hard work.

It's a time to be kind around family celebrations, the dog and the fish, Barack Obama and resigning politicians. I'm home alone on my wedding weekend plotting what to do next.


Marcus G said...

I'd invite you around to watch the football... but there isn't any.

You could always come to church... or we could do a movie? Or just share sadnesses over Lambeth. No - let's not do that.

And I'm definitely not letting you feed either fish or pizza to my dog!

Aled Edwards said...

Hi Marcus - Thanks for the comment. Your dog is safe. See you in Church today. I'm free at last!!!!From Sunday services that is.

Aled Edwards said...

Hi - the tesy thing was all about my mobile blog - Its a Oooops sort of thing.