Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cytun Women and Englishmen (and Germany 0 Wales 0)

This morning I rushed over to the Methodist Church in Llanidloes. Last night, I did ask one of my female colleagues if I should go. I would, after all, be the only man there.

The group was good but I felt it wise to retreat quickly. Anyway, I had to be back in good time to catch my flight from Cardiff to Belfast tonight.

On the way back from Llanidloes I discovered two things. My new car can go all the way from Brecon to Merthyr while the empty warning light is flashing on the petrol indicator. I also discovered, through listening to my new car radio, that English football fans are terrible at losing.

England weren't good enough. Just be generous and get over it! Wales did have a really fantastic 0:0 draw with Germany last night though!

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