Saturday, 3 November 2007

Kruger Park

Early this morning we were driven to Kruger Park. Driving through the park for several hours we were given the aspiration of seeing the 'big five': lion; leopard; buffalo, rhino and an elephant.

We saw all of them and much more. It was such a thrill to see these fantastic creatures free in their natural environment. It would be a total disaster if they ever became extinct. Since 1983 Kruger National Park has sought to provide these animals with sanctuary from everyone except each other.

The day closed with a visit to the Shangana Cultural Village. The dancing, the singing and the food were all brilliant. The whole evening was much more than I expected.

Above all we were given a chance to enjoy the story and the experience of the Shangaan nation.

The village felt a little like a Kruger Park for people. That's OK though. There is a difference between parking things safely and preserving them as in aspic.

Just a brilliant day!

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