Thursday, 29 November 2007


Returning to Trawsfynydd was sad today. I went home to bury my cousin, Glyn. I gave the eulogy

He was very much a local man and very much an old soldier. Some of his old friends came to the funeral today. That was good. Years ago he had served in places such as Aden. He knew something about Muslims that he never shared with people like me.

I noticed that a lot of the old 'paras' now used sticks to help them walk. Perhaps jumping out of aeroplanes isn't a good idea after all.

I had meant to go straight home but had to go to Coleg y Bala to do a piece for tonight's Welsh News, Newyddion. At four o'clock I did a clip on the case of the poor teacher from Liverpool who had called a teddy 'Mohamed'. Its wasn't really wise to do that in Sudan of all places.

I was horrified to hear later on in the day that she would be imprisoned for fifteen days for it. That's bad but that awful Sudanese government is doing far worse things than that to millions of Muslims in Darfur!

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