Thursday, 4 September 2008

10:10 Tonight in Wales

I really enjoy Wales and living in it. Today, life was just good to me and I got to pretend for an hour or so tonight that I was playing for Wales once again. I used to play for Wales a lot when I was a boy - just in my imagination of course.

In the morning, I tied some important things up at work and my car passed its MOT test in the afternoon. There isn't a great deal of my little car to fail really. I have also almost finished doing my tax returns. May the good Lord have mercy on me.

Tonight, we restarted our Thursday night football matches. It was huge fun and I think that the score was tied at 10:10. I scored two goals, didn't foul anyone and only swore a few times - but not badly this week.
I really will have to stop that bad habit - not fouling people! It will ruin my reputation as "chopper". I have just got to remember that I'm not playing for Wales in the World Cup Final against England and that not getting a solid tackle in doesn't really matter. I know that I shouldn't be so competitive but I can't do football any other way.

Seriously 'though, its just great fun being able to kick a football with a whole field's worth of Welsh speaking men who haven't quite grown up yet and have no intention of doing so in the near future. I'm now ready to face Wales and Azerbaijan on Saturday with courage.

I think I have also found someone to find some rugby tickets for me now that my other source has dried up. That was really bothering me. Oh, life is good tonight in Wales even 'though the score was just 10:10! "Diolch boys".


Marcus G said...

Chopper Edwards. It has a certain ring about it.

But how exactly are you thinking you are playing Wales v England if everyone on the pitch is speaking Welsh?

Aled Edwards said...

I choose not to notice what language they are speaking when I have to do a solid tackle or score a goal. They are all friends but still the other side.

Welcome to football with a touch of Aspergers.

Beyond all that, "Aw" has a bilingual quality. So has "gol" and "penalti". I scored one of those tonight. It goes naturally with "bragio" if you remember your verb endings in Welsh.