Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sunday, Sunday.

Today, I preached to two congregations that were less than twenty in number. That was more than OK.

Carmel Chapel in Penrhywceiber was a bilingual joy as usual and the Evening Praise service in Saint Catherine' Pontypridd set me to thinking. Dan played a sweet hymn I had never heard before and it impressed me deeply. It spoke of falling face down as God shines around.

On some days, when faith is difficult, that's all we can do - fall face down as God shines around. I have a feeling that it's out of days like this that God will do great things. Today had a feeling of unfinished business about it! Thankfully, the God I worship is full of surprises. I'll wait and see.


Marcus G said...

That's one of Dan's favourites! Thanks for being there for the folks at St Catherine's. It's good to know they were in your tender care.

brooksy said...

Hi Aled
OBE I'm impressed, great to see that and that you have retained the sense of humour and humility that we were blessed by on our visits during your time at Botwnnog. The beard is a little lighter but the smile has not changed.
God Bless you in your ministry, from (dare I confess it)
an Englishman