Friday, 5 September 2008

Flat Battery Day

This lunchtime, my car battery went flat. It was all my own fault really.

I went to work very early this morning and hit a tired wall at about midday - if you know what I mean. Knowing that I had an important but pleasant afternoon meeting - all about Welsh politics - with some friends, I thought that I would take a little rest after lunch in my car.

I switched the radio on, reclined backwards, held my head with my hands, and rested. Three quarters of an hour later I ascertained that I have a very heavy head. Because I had left the car radio on, I also had a very flat battery. The football thing from last night caught up with me. I'm so stiff today and tired.

The AA man who came to my rescue was very kind. I'm thinking of buying a "Do Not Disturb" sign for when I fall to sleep in my little car. Except of course, if I leave the radio on. If you pass by, just tap the windscreen.

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