Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A Good Day in Politics

Most of today was spent working with my colleagues on the Executive of the All Wales Convention. We did a lot of work and I enjoy being so actively involved in politics.

Data seems to suggest that the Welsh are warming to devolution. How far we have come since 1997 was made clear today. The UK BBC News covered the radical way in which we intend to teach our 3-7 year olds. There are still issues around funding and I'll keep a close eye on the development of children with special education needs. Today however, I was proud of something I had helped to make in 1997.

As usual, I kept an eye on the polls from the US and was pleased with what I saw. There's a long way to go between now and November but I am getting slowly convinced that the Democrats are on track. The Republicans seem to be in disarray.

Whatever the polls say however: no one knows how people will act when they are all alone in a small space on election day.

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