Thursday, 2 October 2008

"F*** 'em" (Alleged)

According to the Western Mail today, when Lord Coe and the British Olympic Association, in breathtaking arrogance, insisted that they are going to proceed with a "Team GB" football team - despite the the totally appropriate opposition of the FA's of all the Celtic nations - it was alleged in a London newspaper that he said of the Celts "F*** 'em".

I am not really bothered whether he said it or not. The intention to proceed with "Team GB" football amounts to the same thing whatever the language used.

The whole thing made me sin a lot this morning. Every time I picked up The Western Mail the really naughty part of my brain kept adapting a bad joke that was once applied to John Redwood when someone from London thought he was the most appropriate person in the UK to be Secretary of State for Wales.

If it were asked by Lord Coe "Why do people in Wales and Scotland take an instant dislike to me?" the answer is simple: "Because you used to run quickly and because it saves time."

I know that I have to forgive him and not to be nasty. I'd just find it much easier if he left my beloved Wales football team alone!

P.S. I was good tonight on the football pitch. Apparently, I came close to doing a two legged tackle on a friend last week. What's scary is - I didn't notice.

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