Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hi everyone. Just a quick word to let all the Obama supporters back home know that I am really enjoying myself here in San Francisco as the clock ticks down slowly on the closing days of the US presidential elections.

This T-shirt belongs to my good friend Uzo Iwobi and I hope it will find a good home on the wall of the African Community Centre in Swansea. Uzo and I served as commissioners together on the Commission for Racial Equality.

Whatever others think. This T-shirt reflects the discernment of the vast majority of black Americans. I'm not taking that away from them after all those cruel years of history both American and British. I also remember the Welsh slave owners who gave so many black Americans names such as: Davies; Williams and Lewis.

This election is however far from over and the the Obama for America campaign is working hard for every last vote. I have never seen or experienced a campaign such as this. If this guy runs a country as well as he runs a campaign, America will be well served. So will our world.


Marcus G said...

And we are all happy to know that you are now very happy! Bring us back some rock.

And a nice broad smile.

Aled Edwards said...

Thanks Marcus. I'm coming to the end of the best time ever here in the US. It's time now to come home! Looking forward to seeing you all.