Monday, 6 October 2008

Hope for the Over Fifties

Sorry to be irritating about the thing but tonight I ran non stop for thirty minutes in the gym and rowed 5,000 meters. What's remarkable about that you may well ask?

I have never in my whole life been able to run for thirty minutes. I could sprint at school but only for some 15 seconds. This keeping fit stuff is really, really good. It also makes you really humble in a proud sort of way.

It gives me such a thrill to be able to do something at 53 that I could not do at 17 years old. To make life even better, I fit into the medium size Scarlets shirt my good wife got for my birthday. Gone are the extra large days - I hope. Mind you, I did try to sprint for 5 minutes and couldn't. Never mind, there's a lot of hope out there for the over fifties.

P.S. They will be electing a new Bishop of Bangor tomorrow. I'll pray for the electoral college and the man they chose. He might want to know how to run non stop for thirty minutes.

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