Monday, 27 October 2008


Today was just great. I travelled with Liz and John to Sonoma for a fundraising event arranged by some local volunteers for the Obama campaign.

John did a comedy piece and I said a few words about the European response to the American election. We were also given a fantastic dance. Everyone was welcoming and so kind. The weather was also brilliant. This America is warm and welcoming in more ways than one and I left Sonoma hugely encouraged.

I discern a great deal of nervousness among Obama supporters here in California that is matched healthily by a drive to work until the very last moment and to ensure that the campaign is well funded until the very end. I'll hold the good folk of Sonoma very much in my thoughts and prayers throught this campaign. I thank God for some new friends and a great day.

The whole event was supported by the fantastic singing of Elaine Lucia supported by her band. One of the band was of Welsh decent. His father is visiting Patagonia.

Others wanted to hear Welsh being spoken and I duly obliged. Finally, for those who are still interested in Sonoma, this is how you spell that slightly long Welsh place name:


Have fun saying it.


Marcus G said...

People of America! Don't believe a word he says! He's from the north! Real Welsh sounds completely different!

Now that's put the cat among the pigeons.

Hey, my dear, dear friend - good to hear you are having a fantastic time. We prayed for you yesterday, and are missing you greatly here.

If President Obama happens, are you going to use your good influences to bring him back to Pontypridd at some point?

Aled Edwards said...

Hi Marcus - Good to hear from you all. I'm having a great time in the US and making lots of new friends. It's turning into a real time of refreshment and I'm learning a great deal about the American church here in California.

Politics is also fun as well as being hard work. I think it would be a really good idea for President Obama to visit Pontypridd. I think he may conclude that some pastors in Wales are easier to live with than some from Chicargo!