Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The American Thing

I'm slowly getting there with arranging my trip over to the US.

Some may well ask why a 'Brit' (especially a Welsh one) should be involved in US politics. I respect that Americans should decide the future of their own country. Others throughout the world are however entitled to have an opinion about Obama and McCain.

Beyond that, the individual with the most power to decide who wins the next UK general election remains an US citizen from Australia.


Marcus G said...

I'm off to Florida, so clearly my trip has nothing to do with politics. The only thing their votes count in is American Idol.

(And that's cos they don't get to count them themselves.)

Mind you, if you think their voting record is bad, you should see them drive; my sister tells a great story about treating a registered blind person in her hospital, and when she asked who was picking him up to take him home he got most offended - he was driving himself. New York had issued him a licence as soon as he promised to move to Florida.


Aled Edwards said...

Hi Marcus - Have a great time in Florida and thanks for allowing me to see Manchester United win on your brilliant TV. I still covet it.

I'll try my best to behave a week on Sunday in Saint Cath's. God will be good even if I won't be.

After your story - I'm not going to drive in the US!!!!!