Monday, 25 August 2008

Don't Spoli a Good Thing - Team GB

I had a good bank holiday. It was a joy to preach at Trinity Church in Wrexham. Between the services I went to watch Hellboy II and that was fun in a childish sort of way.

Over the weekend I also got my Wales v Azerbaijan ticket for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Group 4 Qualifying Match. I was also thrilled that 'Team GB' did so well in the Olympics and I'd rather keep it that way.

Just what bit of 'no' do the arrogant and pig headed London Olympic bureaucrats who want to deprive Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland of their national football teams, in favour of a 'GB Team' not understand? The home non English football associations have made their views and the views of their fans clear. We don't want your' b.... GB Team'.

On top of everything else - if the Beckhams want to come back from the US to coach this undiluted expression of London Olympic arrogance at the expense of people and real football fans - I think there's even more reason for not having it. The Scots and the Welsh football fans, in particular, would really love being taken over by the Beckhams!

I'm sure they are lovely people - but they are not the world's leading Celtic icons. "Hands off the Welsh football team" - Just Get it!!!!!

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