Thursday, 21 August 2008

Assembly Distinctives List - Help!!!

I fear that I may come back in another life as an Assembly shaped anorak.

All this week I have worked hard to refresh and edit a list on my web site of distinctive policies and developments that the Welsh Assembly has brought about since 1999. The list is quite extensive but I wonder if I have everything. I am also open to having some things edited out or corrected by those who know better. It's all got something to do with me being useful on the All Wales Convention chaired by Sir Emyr Jones Parry.

Basically, I'm looking for help from all other Assembly shaped anoraks. Just send me an email with some ideas. I reached a low point last night when I put search words in to Google and the first pages that came up were all mine already. That is really, really, really sad. I felt so lonely that I thought somebody was about to take me away.

P.S. David Davies was brilliant with the swimming thing in the Olympics today. Gold next time!


Daran said...

Come in and see me and the team at our new offices 104-105 Bute St, happy to give a couple of hours to this.



Aled Edwards said...

Thanks Daran - That's brilliant. I'll buy the pair of us red, green and whit anoraks for Christmas. We all deserve it. When are you free? Congrats on the new offices. Hwyl.