Sunday, 31 August 2008


Someone asked tonight if any hurricanes are named after men. This one certainly is. They are also sometimes blamed on God.

I'm praying hard for those living around the Gulf of Mexico. I would not want to be so arrogant as to pretend to know why such disasters happen if we are to believe, as I do, in a loving God. I have a faith that doesn't demand knowing all things. I cannot be certain of uncertainties.

If anyone thinks such storms are 'acts of God' let me reassure you that they aren't. I believe that the God of love revealed in the face of Christ is in all things but doesn't intend all things or plan them either. He did not create robots in a mechanical world and certainly did not intend such evil.

It may be of little comfort to some tonight and tomorrow around the Gulf of Mexico, but the Christian Gospel offers at such times the assurance of the presence of the Lord who suffered. I dare to believe tonight that he will hold many lovingly in the palm of his hand. I certainly pray so.


Marcus G said...

Katrina was the biggie. And Hanna is the next one coming in. I think they are named alternately male and female, but I wouldn't swear to it.

New Orleans is probably about to be hit big time. But before people blame God, you should hear how people here feel about how their government (local and national) have failed to deal with their situation: three years on from the last disaster, it is still unsafe to go out at night except in a very small area. God's fault?

When the wind blows, sometimes it shows the mettle of the trees.

And still we pray for God to have mercy on those who (for no fault of their own) are about to suffer again. These folk need help from anywhere and everywhere, not point-scoring from the likes of me.


How many people out there, beyond CNN, live in greater need, unmourned for and uncared for, and unheard of? Gustav makes me wonder at the selfishness of suffering. How many in China, in Burma, in all sorts of places do we forget?

Lord have mercy on us too. This is such a hard hard thing.

Huw Cwm Tawe said...

The alternate the sex and they normally go alphabetically but because there are so many hurricanes (though too small to make the news and / or occur over open water so as not to affect anyone) the "biggies" often appear out of sequence, hence next we have a "H" following a "K".

Aled Edwards said...

Thanks for the thoughts and valuable info. I'm still praying.