Friday, 8 August 2008


Today at 11.00a.m. in Cardiff I became a member of the Gorsedd of Bards. It meant a great deal to me and it was good to make so many new friends. As a Welsh speaking child in Trawsfynydd I knew that some people would become members of the Gorsedd. I just didn't think it would ever be me.
Many thanks to my good friend the Reverend Geraint Tudur for this photo.

I also enjoyed the open discussion session with Nick Bennett and Sir Emyr Jones Parry and the All Wales Convention. This process has a good feel to it.


Marcus G said...

Many many congrats - I'm only sorry I was unable to be there to cheer you on. It's a fantastic thing.

gt said...

Congratulations. It must have been a great experience. We were thinking about you even though we couldn't make it in person.

Aled Edwards said...

Thanks both - greatly appreciated. It was fun.

Shereen said...

Hi Aled,
It was nice seeing you on Saturday. BOth myself and Omer wanted to be there on Friday but had to work so we only managed Saturday. Congrats and I think Green is a good colour for you :)

See you soon