Thursday, 28 August 2008

Anniversary - Martin Luther King

Thirty two years ago today I got married to my wife, Marie. I remembered last night that it was our anniversary and things worked out tonight for us both to have a nice meal together in the local pub. The food was brilliant.

Tonight, I also prayed for my friend Michael and his family. They are in Geneva celebrating a special anniversary. God be with you both.

Tonight, I'll stay up to mark another anniversary. It's the anniversary of the delivery of the greatest speech ever given by a man. The world will never forget Martin Luther King's "I have a dream". I certainly won't.

As much as I may admire Al Gore and Barack Obama - they aren't in that league. I will however, stay up to listen to both speaking during the last night of the Democratic Convention. Today, Gallup Tracking put Obama ahead by 6 points. So he should be after all the good coverage this week.

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