Sunday, 28 June 2009

Crossing Boundaries

This has been a really good weekend despite the Lions losing the series.

I went with the Gorsedd of Bards to herald the coming of the Eisteddfod to Ebbw Vale in 2010. The people of the town did a fantastic job on welcoming us. Culturally and linguistically, some borders were crossed. In me, Wales will always be one.

Today was a blessing as I preached twice in Bridgend Welsh Independents Chapel. It was really good to see some old friends. I also had a fantastic lunch with some old friends in the area. I was beaten twice at Mastermind by a little boy who isn't yet ten. He's really bright and I can cope with the ignominy - I'm used to it. Many thanks for a great day.

This evening, I prayed a great deal before reflecting on Acts 11: 1-18. Peter got a tough time from members of the church in Jerusalem for taking the Gospel to a non Jewish home. I learnt that when God's people are given visions do do things that other Christians aren't comfortable with, that they have to go back to tell their story.

Thank God, this weekend, I have had many stories to tell.

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