Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I am now on a train travelling back from London Paddington to Cardiff. Today was a good working day thinking some things through with friends and colleagues from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Things are not easy for churches these days. Finances are a real issue.

I have thought a lot over the past few days about prayer. It's always a great encouragement for those who work for the churches if they are prayed for. My home church in Pontypridd is good at that. I'll pray some more for my friends and hope they will do the same for me. That would be good.

It was probably the heat in London, but I had the mother of all headaches this afternoon. I'm told that people who come to work saying that they had migraine don't really have a migraine - just a bad headache. So, I drank a lot of water and went to see the new Transformers film to kill some time while waiting for the much cheaper later train.

The film was brilliant and the headache went away for the most part.

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