Monday, 8 June 2009

Just Depends on What You do Next...

This weekend was memorable. The Lions won - just. Our young football internationals also won against Azerbaijan - just.

The Conservatives beat Labour - just. Plaid Cymru improved a little - just. The UK Independence Party got a seat - just. The Liberal Democrats did well in their target seats - just.

The BNP got just 5% in Wales. That's a lot here for a party that doesn't allow black people to join it. I noted during the early hours of this morning some mainstream politicians suggesting that tactics concerning the BNP may now have to change. They may be right.

Labour, by its own admission, did badly - more than just. The view that Labour could never be beaten in Wales has now gone. Fortress Wales is no more. The psychology of that is significant.

So! What happens next? I believe that there is in the middle of all this one small comfort for Welsh Labour. What happens next in Wales, to a crucial extent, still rests in its hands. The next few hours and days will be crucial.

At a time of significant change I still dare to hope that Wales' mainstream parties will be wise and generous enough to be a little more than the geo-political tribes that have produced them. A great deal changed this weekend but Wales is still a place that warms, at different times and through different intensities, to governments that bring people together and take actions to ensure that no-one gets left behind.

In Wales, taking that rout is still a must for all the parties who wish to win. It also presents the best antidote to the BNP.

That just reminded me of something else. Yasmina won The Apprentice last night selling chocolate that was cheap, well packaged and tasted horrible. Alas, such things do happen.

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