Monday, 15 June 2009

Windbags to Moneybags..and boyo

The other day, I fleetingly bumped into the Kinnocks in Queen Street, Cardiff. Both had been campaigning on the streets for the European elections. That was a tough job a couple of weeks ago. You couldn't pay me to do it - especially for somebody else.

Lady Kinnock , in her former role, was always strong on international issues and helped me on more than one occasion with some pretty tough and tragic refugee cases. For that, I thank her.

I don't know how much a human life is worth to the Daily Mail but it was clearly bothered today by the alleged £12 million the Kinnocks 'picked up' in 'pay and perks'.

As a democrat, I have no issue with a free press discussing the financial remuneration of leading politicians. Such things should be public - provided they are accurate and fair.

It's a smalll thing compared to a whacking £12 million issue I know but what I did object to is a fully grown up journalist, who should know better, using the 'boyo' word for a Welshman yet again.

Don't people like Geoffrey Wansell know that the only people who use the word 'boyo' are patronising and arrogant individuals who know absolutely nothing about Wales. No one in Wales now says 'boyo'!

So - dear Daily Mail, if you know so little about us - what do you really know about anything you write about?

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