Tuesday, 4 September 2007

AGM's and Awards

DPIA (Displaced People in Action) had two AGM's last night. Both were held in the Council Chamber of the Temple of Peace in Cathays Park, Cardiff. Today, I had a proper chance to go through our Annual Report.

We formally killed off the old DPIA and started a brand new one ending with the three little words 'Ltd'. That means that if we as directors make a terrible job our liabilities are limited. We aren't going to do a terrible job of it though.

The team gave a fantastic account of their work. DPIA has helped 23 Refugee Community Organisations, helped 98 clients with training schemes and worked with some 550 children through our current project.

Sian, our Co-ordinator, sent an email today saying that we had been nominated for a diversity award for our IT project with Swansea University. This DPIA team is nothing other than brilliant.

Once again, the directors asked me to carry on as Chair and Leona as Secretary. The time will come for us both to move on especially as we now have new directors. But, that time hasn't come just yet. DPIA is just good to be part of.

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